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Why Rent?
Renting private property is not only for the wealthy. At PennWAVE we pride ourselves on our affordable rental properties. Renting a vacation property directly from the owner offers renters a multitude of benefits including:

· A true home-away-from-home experience
· Better rates and amenities
· Extras such as fresh flowers, local information, full cooking facilities
· A more personal experience
· And much more…

Many people are often shocked to learn that in most cases private rental properties are more inexpensive than their resort/hotel counterparts, and often offer renters better value for their money.  

For more information about the savings associated with renting, please contact us by telephone or email. One of our associates would be more than happy to answer your questions.
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Comfortably Numb

Sand, Sea, & Sky

Das Stoltzfus Fluss Haus

For reservations or more information, please call:
(717) 252-1896 or (717) 309-6090

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